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Advance! Other Campaign Tours

We specialise in designing totally flexible bespoke Battlefield Tours which are entirely tailor-made to your individual requirements, giving you total freedom in deciding:

Where you want to go, whether it be mainland Europe
or further afield

What time of year you want to travel
How long the tour will last
What type of accommodation you would like to stay in
Your pick-up and drop off locations
and anything else you may require to make your
trip a memorable one

Advance! Bespoke battlefield tours to other historical
campaigns of significant importance include the following:

The Waterloo Campaign

Seen by many as one of the greatest battles of all time the Waterloo Campaign was a tightly contested battle led by 2 brilliant commanders - Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington.

Taking place on 18th June 1815 it was to be the last battle Napoleon fought. Napoleon was eventually beaten by Wellington's tactics, the weather and the arrival of the Prussians late in the day to reinforce Wellington.

The casualties were high on both sides. 25,000 of Napoleons 73,000 men were killed or wounded while Wellington suffered 22,000 killed or wounded from his 67,000 men.

This is a fascinating tour best taken over three days.

American Civil War

The American Civil War was the deadliest war in American history, causing 620,000 soldier deaths, and an undetermined number of civilian casualties, ending slavery in the United States, restoring the Union, and strengthening the role of the federal government. It lasted for over four years. There are so many Civil War sites to see but your bespoke battlefield tour could include the following key locations:

The Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863 is often quoted as the Civil War's turning point and resulted in the Confederates, under General Robert E Lee, retreating back to Virginia after their attempted second invasion into Union territory. Abraham Lincoln, in November of the same year, delivered his famous Gettysburg Address here at the dedication ceremony for the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Antietam Battlefield, the bloodiest one-day battle in US history where Lee's invasion of Maryland was ended.

Harper's Ferry, where in 1859 John Brown led his famous party of 21 men and secured the federal armoury; the slave uprising was to precipitate the onset of the Civil War.

Lynchburg, an important central transportation centre for the Confederacy army as well as having a large hospital for Confederate soldiers, and scene of the Battle of Lynchburg in 1864.

Other key battles such as Fredericksburg in December 1862 where the Union Army lost 12,000 casualties in repeated attacks in the same place.

Appomattox, where in 1865 General Lee surrendered to Lt. General Ulysses S Grant, which signalled the end of the Southern States' attempt to create a separate nation. The surrender set the stage for the emergence of an expanded and more powerful Federal Government and the end of the war led directly to the end of slavery.

Petersburg Battlefield where the Union Army held the Confederates in a 292-day siege, the longest in American warfare.

Battle of Shiloh, one of the most critical battles in American History. Some of the biggest figures of the Civil War - Grant, Sherman, Johnston, Bragg, Beauregard, Buell - they all fought there. As Grant would write in his memoirs, before Shiloh, Americans on both sides of the Mason Dixon line believed that the war could still be a short limited affair.

Chickamauga, the great bloody battle was the last great offensive, although costly, victory by the Confederates.

The Hundred Years War

A series of wars between England and France lasting from 1337 to 1443. Our tours can include: Agincourt, where King Henry V and his English Longbows defeated the French at the Battle of Agincourt. Poiteriers, The Battle of Poitiers, 19 September 1356, was the second of three great English victories against France in the Hundred Years' War. Crecy, one of the most important battles of the Hundred Years War where Edward III masterminded a memorable victory against the French cavalry.

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